Calm Down, “Politics” Is Not A Four Letter Word

For political podcasters or just those who have news-y formats, let’s get together and talk about why, in the face of unprecedented toxicity, cynicism, disengagement and polarization, we still think it matters to talk about politics. Bring your politics with you, but leave any animus and grievance at the door. If you’re among the first 25 attendees your first coffee is on us, even if we don’t agree.

Brought to you by Q and Jewish Dave, the hosts of progressive-left politics and culture podcast Bird Road.

Podcast Engineering School Meetup

Hang at a local recording studio, get a tour, check out different mics and equipment, light refreshments, chat with fellow podcasters and producers… Limited capacity.

Geek & Gamer Podcasters ASSEMBLE (21+ only)

Hear ye! Hear ye! Come adventurers, peasants, knights, wizards, and time lords. Gather ’round to geek out, play some old school games, level up your charisma with other gamer Podcasters at the local tavern of Barcade and gain Constitution xp as you roll your Alcohol Tolerance check.

Meet other gamers to have as guest party members on your podcast.

Play Dig Dug, Pac-Man, Rampage, Centipede, and a plethora of old school cabinets at just 25 cents a pop, drink, and be merry!



Must be 21 years or older, since the venue is literally a bar that’s an arcade.

There is no cover fee or fee to attend; however, attendees are responsible for purchasing their own tokens to play games, drinks, and food.

Barcade is NOT a sponsor for this event.

Monetization of Podcasting Networking Dinner

My name is Steve Eisenberg. I’m a fellow attendee if Podcast Movement, 2018. I am organizing an offsite networking dinner taking place on Wednesday, July 25th at 5 PM.  Jay Soderberg, Vice President, Content and Rob Greenlee, Head of Partnerships and Podcast Awards Hall of Famer of Voxnest are helping with organizing the event. The theme is the monetization of podcasting. Maggianos, the Italian restaurant where the dinner will take place, is located across from the downtown Philadelphia Marriott hotel. We are looking for mid to senior level participants.
We have 28 seats available. All attendees will have separate checks. Dinner selections will be from a family style pass around menu. The restaurant will try to accommodate dietary needs, based upon pre-selected menu options.
Sign up here if you think your level of experience fits the profile we are looking for. We are using Google Forms to collect contact information.
Please contact me with any questions you might have. [email protected] or via the mobile app