March Madness: Podcast Movement’s Sweet 16

Greetings PM family,

Podcast Movement is having some fun with our own version of March Madness in this week’s newsletter. Today we announce the Sweet 16… and no, we’re not going to talk about an NCAA Basketball tournament!

Instead, we are making our first round of speaker announcements for PM18 in Philadelphia this July! In the spirit of March Madness, we selected 16 Sweet speakers to share with you this week, and tell you why you will not want to miss what they have to say

Andrea Klunder – The Creative Impostor Studios

Power Your Story: High School, Autism, Diverse Learning & Podcast Mentorship

Get an insider view to Podcast Tech: Power Your Story, a podcast mentoring program created for students with diverse learning challenges at a Chicago Public High School in partnership with a major after school education programming partner. The podcast explores themes of society, culture, education, and life in general through interviews, personal stories and educational pieces produced by the students themselves. This session is designed to inspire you with fresh ideas for how you, too, could become a professional podcast mentor to students, diverse learners or any particular group of people who want to learn to use the power of podcasting to amplify their voices. You’ll also get specific tools and tips for how to implement a high-quality program that makes a significant impact on you, your students and your community.

​Christine Blackburn – Story Worthy

So You Think You’re a Storyteller?

This Fireside Chat is an open forum to teach podcasters how to

1. Tell a Story

2. Get Someone Else to Tell a Story

3. Ask the Guests The Right Questions

4. Preparing For Your Guest

Storytelling is more than just someone’s story… it’s what shapes their life. If you are an intermediate podcaster come to this Fireside Chat to further develop your storytelling skills for your show.

Colin Gray – The Podcast Host

9 Ways to Cut the Time it Takes you to Ship a Show

Colin will talk through 9 of the best ways to cut the time it takes to ship a podcast episode, from planning hacks, through editing tricks, to tool-based publishing workflows. By the end of this session, you will be in a position to produce a podcast episode in a fraction of the time, leaving more time for promotion, growth or something far more fun!

​Fred Dews – Brookings Institution

Storytelling for Wonks: Podcasting the Facts

Shows from government and nonprofit organizations occupy a unique space in the podcast landscape. Panelists from nonprofit and government organizations share their organizations’ journeys in podcasting.

What you’ll learn:      

  • What’s unique about the government and nonprofit podcasting sector      
  • How to make complex information and research accessible to audiences       
  • How to use facts and data in telling stories      
  • How to interview issue experts (when you are not)    
  • How to use podcasting to increase brand awareness, and to promote brands
  • Where the nonprofit and government podcast sector is going

​M.J. Altman – Hacking Hunger Podcast

MJ is a panelist on the “Storytelling for Wonks: Podcasting the Facts” panel along with Fred Dews and others.​

​Jon Savitt

From Comedy to Copywriting

The session starts by discussing the broad importance and benefits of humor, citing real examples. Next, the presentation will transition to how humor can successfully be used in relation to the creative industry — examining how comedy has been used in advertising and marketing, and why it can leave such an impact when done correctly. Jon will rely on an engaging/interactive approach to tell this story, with a lot of humor mixed in throughout. As a result, you will receive tangible ways to use humor, even if you’re not a professional comedian.

​Lee Uehara – The House of Lee NYC

Mistakes No Podcaster Should Make: Journalism Basics That Every Podcaster Should Know and Love

You will learn which rookie journalism mistakes not to make from a former Associated Press reporter-turned-podcaster. You will walk away with simple tips that will step up their credibility game in the podcasting field.

​Natasha Che – Soundwise Inc.

How to Build a Profitable Podcast Without Selling Ads

For many podcasters, trying to get ad sponsorship is a losing battle. This session will teach you practical strategies to turn strangers into subscribers (even if you’re starting from zero audience), subscribers into engaged fans, and fans into customers who are willing to pay for your content.  This session is specifically for podcasters who have knowledge and expertise to teach others (regardless of the field/niche they’re in), and are serious about building an audience & making a business out of sharing their knowledge.You will leave with a practical roadmap to audience relationship building and monetization, and action steps to start implementing immediately for results.

​Rabia Chaudry – Undisclosed

Audience Acquisition Panel

As the podcast industry continues to evolve, one of the key concerns for podcasters, networks and advertisers is how to retain and grow audiences. This panel will be a discussion about the key components of listener acquisition, with insights from professionals in every sector of the industry. Find out how social media, advertising and, yes, word of mouth can help you reach more listeners and better engage your show’s current fans.

​Ravi Jayagopal –

Premium Podcasting: How To Monetize Your Podcast, Promote It And Build A List With a Premium Podcast, Members-Only Audio & Listeners-Only Bonus Content and Deliver it Securely via a Membership Site in 4 Different Formats

This session will teach exactly what the title describes. You will want to consider getting the Virtual Ticket to review the actionable content from this session.

Rob Walch – Libsyn

Yes that Marketing Advice for your Podcast is Still BS – 2018

This session will go over why much of the advice on how to market your podcast is pure BS. It will cover how iTunes actually works and kill off a few myths on how people think it works. It will go over some of the methods that do actually work based on looking at real numbers. And will present what real numbers are and why you can’t believe most of the numbers individuals present. This session is for both the beginner podcaster and the seasoned professional. If you ever paid money for a webinar on how to grow your audience you might want to avoid this session as it will make you realize you wasted a whole bunch of money. For those, however, that really want to know what does and does not work for growing your audience, then this session will be an eye opener.

​Stephen A. Hart – Trailblazers.FM Podcast

Riches are in the Niches: Why It’s Impossible To Monetize Your Independent Side Hustle Podcast By Targeting Everyone

Stephen will walk you through:

  • The true definition of a niche & why your podcast must go an inch wide and a mile deep to survive 2018 & beyond
  • An exercise to help you begin the right research and analysis to define your best audience that’ll be viable for growth & monetization
  • How to craft the right messaging that will help improve connection, conversion and engagement
  • How segmenting and nurturing your audience will begin to make you a credible expert
  • How big brands use this segmentation process to begin serving high value content, products and services to their audience via website, email and social media, AND we’ll discuss how you can do the same
  • How to leverage your new + highly engaged audience to develop unique partnerships, products and services to help you monetize your podcast

​Tammy Terwelp – 91.5 KRCC – Southern Colorado’s NPR Station

The Listener Bill of Rights

The ten amendments to the US Constitution make up the Bill of Rights and arguably are part of one of the most important documents in all of human history. Your listeners have expectations of your podcast before they even download it – they have a certain set of “rights” as listeners. Using the actual Bill of Rights, Tammy will lay out the “Listener Bill of Rights” so you can give people what they expect and want; to have consistency in your show and to demonstrate to your listeners you are loyal to THEM.

​Todd Cochrane – Blubrry

Proven Social Media Strategies for Podcasters – Act II

A deeper dive into Todd Cochrane’s standing room only Proven Social Media Strategies session in 2017. The 2018 session will offer actionable items to build exposure, develop authority in your content category, and engage not only your audiences but your guests and topics covered.Todd will provide an actionable formula on which to build your brand and your podcast with the nine strategies that have made him an authority in his content space, enabled him to produce a show that has been sponsored for 14 years, and allowed him to create an expanding content team.

  • Build exposure for you and your show
  • Become the authoritative voice in your category
  • Develop engagement from listeners, brands, media and PR firms

​Tracy Goodwin – Captivate the Room

Your Voice, The Most Powerful Tool You Have, If You Know How To Use It

This session is about really tapping into the next level voice techniques that will improve your show by touching your listeners on an emotional level, compelling them to take action and keeping them so captivated they can’t wait for more.In this session I’ll teach:

  • Getting rid of voice barriers, how they’re getting in your way and not revealing who you really are
  • The 5 elements of vocal variety, why you must use all 5 to touch us on an emotional level
  • Regulating the 5 elements like the conductor of an orchestra for maximum impact in your show
  • Taking your audience on a voice journey so they connect with you, your show, your brand on a deeper level
  • Connecting to the breath, why it’s different than just breathing and so essential to letting us know who you really are

​Yann Ilunga – The Podcaster Lab

Automation for Podcasters: Winning Back Time By Putting Parts of Your Podcasting Workflow on Autopilot

Attendees will get a closer look at real-life examples and resources they can follow and utilize to increase productivity by automating certain steps of their podcasting workflow.The laser-focused, practical advice that will be shared will help podcasters of all levels and shows of all formats – from solo to interview-based, storytelling or roundtable.

​And this is just the beginning! Next week, another announcement of amazing speakers coming to Podcast Movement this summer.

We have nearly 300 speakers and panelists coming to PM18…and we don’t want you to miss any of them!

These are just 16 of the amazing speakers and panelists who will be a part of Podcast Movement, and we want you there too! Join over 2,000 podcasters and industry professionals from around the world at the biggest and best Podcast Movement yet!


Things you should:

Know About Your New Teammates – Check out the March edition of the New Community Member Spotlight feature!

Cheer About – Our friends at Nielsen have released their latest study looking into how podcasters influence purchasing decisions of their listeners…and the results are positive!

Be Charged With A Technical Foul For – PM family member Sunny Megatron is the host of the American Sex Podcast. Sunny did a Google search for her podcast name and discovered that a faux podcast network called ASN Radio Network was illegally using her episodes to commit copyright infringement, unfair competition, and fraud. They downloaded her shows and reuploaded them on their hosting account that was using dynamic ad insertion to monetize not only the American Sex Podcast, but other sexuality podcasts as well. Read here for more.

Give a Celebratory Fist-Bump – PM17 Alumni and Keynote speaker Aaron Mahnke (not to mention the guy who created Lore) announced this week that he had signed an exclusive overall deal with the Atlanta podcast giant HowStuffWorks to develop a slate of new programming for the network.

Check Out During Halftime – Google’s built-in podcast player has updated w/ more discovery features, directory carousel, dedicated search feature in the app bar, sync playback position with all your devices, including other Android phones and Google Home!

Bet On – You can be 100% sure that the Podcast Movement meetup in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 10 from 7 pm to 10 pm is going to be a score! Please make plans to join us if you are near the area or make sure to give your podcaster friends in the vicinity a heads up.

We will rebound with more news next week. Thank you for being a part of this great squad!

And One,
Team PM18

“Do Not Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do.” – Coach John Wooden

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